Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (Cousins, 2019)
La Maison de la Radio (Philibert, 2012)
The Gatekeepers (Moreh, 2012) is streaming on DocPlay or a rental from AroVision
Hotel Coolgardie (Gleeson, 2017) is streaming on DocPlay
TT: Closer to the Edge (De Aragues, 2011) is streaming on DocPlay
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, The Nun II, The Innocent and Theater Camp are all in cinemas, Merkel is on DocPlay and The Jewel Thief is on Disney+
Gimme Danger (Jarmusch, 2016) is streaming on DocPlay
Crumb (Zwigoff, 1994) is streaming now on DocPlay
This week: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Sugar and Stars, Joy Ride, and Insidious: The Red Door (all in theatres); All the Beauty and the…